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It is a PSIM which controls and manages intrusion detection and fire protection systems, and it is multi-user and multi-site.

CUBE Protection® Central can integrate different systems with standard and proprietary protocols. For example, OH receivers, Ultrasync and ISA4 are integrated (UNI EN 54-21 certified communicator). When it is possibile to directly integrate the control panels (ex. Notifier, UTC, Vanderbuilt, El.Mo….), it allows the bidirectional communication with each point.

Interactive graphic maps allow you to quickly identify alarm areas and to act efficiently and effectively.

There is a dedicated section to failures that collects the alarms for each event with the possibility to attach documentation or photos (ex. Theft, robbery,…)

The software allows the user to:

    • Visualize the events in real time and access the registers to analyze the events records
    • Decide on which system you want to work and open the management page with a simple click
    • Switch on and off the intrusion detection system
    • Visualize the areas status (able – enable – alert – masking – failure…)
    • Visualize the system anomalies and receive alarms or notifications on an event by pop-up, mail or Telegram
    • Visualize each detector status on graphic maps too. The color is related to the status in real time and by clicking on the icon you can interact with a single device
    • Plan scheduled actions



Graphic maps
Alarm management
Scheduled operations




CUBESUITE® is configured in such a way as to demonstrate compliance with the principles set out in GDPR art.5 and in particular with privacy by default. Where possible, technical measures have been taken to ensure that only the personal data required for each specific purpose of the processing are processed by default.

In particular CUBESUITE® incorporated the following principles:

  • Principle of confidentiality: authentication credentials when the user logs in, have an expiration date and an adjustable complexity to ensure the confidentiality of the processed information and to prevent the access by unauthorized users. It is also possible to create unlimited user profiles by assigning them specific privileges, such as deleting and/or exporting data
  • Principle of minimization: the Suite is designed in such a way as to allow the erasing of data through the automatic or manual cleaning of the records
  • Data security: data can be backed up by integrating them with the customer backup and/or disaster recovery procedures
  • Encryption: all software related files are encrypted on file system with an AES 256 encryption key, communications are certified with the customer’s SSL certification, the database is protected by a password and the password is encrypted
  • Durability of files uploaded by the user: a file hash is calculated for each uploaded file as to show the inalterability of the data

If you are interested in our product and you want some more information about it, please send us an e-mail at or request a demo by following this link: Request a demo