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The Company

Life3 works in the building automation field and it has gained experience related to both the automation systems and the physical security systems, alongside professionals in the sector.
As a software house, Life3 has invested in the development and implementation of CUBESUITE®: a modular web-based software for system management (physical security, building automation, access control, intrusion detection, energy management, fire detection,…). The software is constantly evolving and meets the Customers needs through progressive customizations.

Our Method

We carry out all our solutions following the PDCA method or Deming Cycle: PLAN/DO/CHECK/ACT. This method helps us approaching different projects in a standardized and planned way, and improving our skills at the same time.
In this way we can ensure the achievement of the set objectives and the Customer satisfaction.

Design and customization

Thanks to the synergy between the design and the sales division, Life3 is able to meet the Customer needs and plan the most suitable custom solution considering the resources and technologies that are always at the forefront to offer full control and safety, maximum comfort and energy saving. Each project is open to future implementations and let us work on the effectiveness of CUBESUITE® and constantly developing it.

Assistance in the realization

We have a division that deals with the construction of the systems following the construction site in all its phases. If the Customer already has an electrical installer, Life3 can support him in the realization and it guarantees that all activities are carried out correctly according to the project.

Programming and start-up

An effective solution and a suitable installation of a building automation system isn’t concluded unless completed by an equally functional startup-programming. Life3 customizes solutions following the Customers requests and the set objectives. It also offers a programming service for KNX systems made by other installers.

After-sales support

In-time and correct maintenance of the systems ensures their efficiency. Life3 provides both preventive maintenance service specifically designed to ensure the complete reliability of the systems, and on-call support service. They are both carried out by highly specialized staff members.

We also offer system performance monitoring service, by detecting in time situations that can lead to failures. On Customers request, our technicians can interact remotely by carrying out checks, changes in functions and scenarios, in order to help the installer or the Customer on site.